Job (not the person – employment!) and love.

I had an interview at Target Distribution Center today. I think it went well. I’m expecting a call on Wednesday. Thank you to all for your continued prayers and support. Thanks be to my Lord Jesus who loves me and wants the best for me! All glory and honor and praise! My savior, redeemer, provider!

Why is it that so many “Christians” are unable to love as we are called to do? Just pushing your belief on someone DOES NOT help them. Love them and allow His Holy Spirit to move in their lives. He is MORE THAN ABLE to care for His children. “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”  What in the world do you think this means? Many of us (Christians) need to examine our hearts to see what lies within it. God is Love. And as we strive to be like Him, we must also strive to be Love. It is our duty AND it is our HONOR. I beg of you, brothers and sisters, let us all love our God (above all) and love our neighbors!

Father, please forgive our obsession with our own agendas. Let our only desire be to chase after You! I surrender to You, Abba! Help me stay focused as I seek Your face. Let it be. Amen.


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