burn amarillo

Burn Amarillo is sort of in a period of unknowns. Today, I had this vision.

Just like a fire seems to go out, so it seems that way with Burn Amarillo. It looks as though the fire is going out. Underneath, though – underneath!- is a bed of embers. Glowing hot; just waiting for oxygen to bring them back to life. And I saw God breathe His breath on the coals and a magnificent fire broke forth. God will reignite the fire, the Burn, of this city!



2 thoughts on “burn amarillo

  1. sara says:

    Well, I’ll just leave up to God and see what He does. πŸ™‚

    I don’t mind if you leave your real name and email. I promise not to spam ya. And I’m more likely to take the opinion of someone seriously if they don’t hide behind the name “someone.” πŸ˜›

  2. Someone says:

    Maybe it is better if the fire stays out, but the coals remain burning. That’s how you cook on the grill– You get the flame at first, but in the end the flame is actually bad for the food… but the heat is good.

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