I received this from a friend today.  May God bless her for her obedience in telling me.

God really enjoys you, He loves your heart that worships Him and thinks about Him like you do. He knows you are grateful to Him. I just feel this right now for you. He digs you a lot!!!  She rocks and she rolls, I hear Him saying. ( I see you right now, with your hands like when we have them out in front of us in a “cup shape” like when you are holding something in the cups of your hands,  I feel something very, very sweet and personal is being given to you, or opened up for you or you are about to discover something very, very dear to your heart, just for you.) Wow, that was sweet, be looking for it Sara, He’s doing that with you. Just wanted to share that vision, it just came as I was writing you. Your also a great patient teacher, He is increasing that on you, you have something to say as well, to teach others about. Your calm and gentle, patient spirit and heart will reach many.


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