Day 1 – Your best friend.

My best friend.  Hmm.  Usually when people ask who my best friend is, I say Edna.  It’s an automatic response these days.  We’ve been “best” friends for nearly 20 years.  I’m searching my heart now to make sure I’ve got the answer right.  First, lets look at what qualifies a person as a best friend.


best friend
the one friend who is closest to you

The one friend who is closest to me.  Yeah, I suppose that it still Edna.  🙂 There have been times in the last 19 years when we weren’t the closest, but I think we are now.  I hope that she knows how much I value her and just generally love her.  Edna has the biggest heart in the world for children.  She has two adopted girls (my God-daughters, Keely and Kayley) and currently has three foster children.  By the time she is done fostering, she hopes to have adopted five children.  I think that is an amazing goal and I know that God is using her mightily in this way.

Thank you, Edna – for 19 lovely years of friendship. I hope we have *at least* that many more. I love you and I praise God for you.


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