Day 3 — Your parents

My parents!  My mother’s name is Linda and she is the strongest woman I know.  She has been through a lot and she came out on the other side.   We’re so much alike that sometimes we argue, but no matter what – I know she loves me and I hope she knows I love her too.

My father’s name is Jackie Ray Williams.  Well, it was.  My father served in the military, and I believe he was a decent man- most of the time.  I’ve heard stories about when he drank, and they make me sad.  He passed away in 1981, when I was three years old, of carbon monoxide poisoning.  I never really knew him, and I regret that.  My grandmother (Veda Mae Williams) told me a few times that he was a Christian when he died, and that is my only hope of ever seeing him again; Heaven.  May your soul rest with God, Daddy.


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