I don’t have reliable internet at home, so I just try to catch up posts when I’m over at Edna’s house.  I’m over here now because she’s out of town and I’m dog-sitting.

Day 10 — Someone you don’t talk to as much as you’d like to

I’d like to talk to Stephanie Orefice more, if we’re talking about  friends we met on the internet.  If we’re just talking about “in general,” I really wish I could talk to my brother, Chris, more. We’re sort of estranged right now, and tomorrow is his birthday, but I can’t even tell him happy birthday because he doesn’t want to talk to my family until we apologize to his wife.  That ain’t happening. She was in the wrong, and I’m not going to apologize for telling her that she was wrong for not contact family when Chris was in a chemical accident that could have (but didn’t, Thank GOD!) killed him.  Anyhow, yeah – I wish I talked to Stephanie and Chris more.
Day 11 — A deceased person you wish you could talk to

I wish I could talk to my father. Just to know for sure where he was with his Jesus relationship when he died.  To know if I should stop hoping that I’ll see him when I go and that I will actually know who he is.
Day 12 — Your dream vacation

My dream vacation includes visiting every country in the world.


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