Day 15 – the person you miss the most

The person I miss the most these days is Jack Hicks.  He’s my uncle and he passed away in March 2009.  When I was young, he was my favorite uncle but I never knew why.  I just really liked him a lot.  It struck me as strange (and still does) that I preferred him over my mother’s brothers.  Uncle Jack was married to my Aunt Monkey (Virginia) and was honestly the best example of a provider that I have ever seen.  Uncle Jack drove semi trucks for a living; he did this for over 35 years.  He did it to make sure that his family was taken care of.  You have to admire a man like that.  Recently some letters that he had written out on the road came to the attention of my family.  My uncle talked candidly about how afraid he was that he wouldn’t be able to take care of them, and how upset he was to think that they’d never do more than he had done.  You could tell from his words that he felt like a failure.  I promise you this much, Jack Hicks was no failure.  He succeeded at providing for his family because he loved them so dearly and that is the most admirable trait I can think of.

May he rest in peace.  It’s my hope that I will see him again when I go.


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