the journey to equality

A friend of mine has a son who was presented an award this morning.   They didn’t tell her ahead of time what award it was, and I think she was pleasantly surprised when she found out that it was the Presidential Award. The award is presented to students who keep an average of 90 or above for the entire school year.  She talked about how special it is; not only was it signed by the President, but it was signed by the first black President. As I thought about what this must mean to the both of them, it kinda through me for a loop. My friend and her son are black, in case you haven’t guessed.  (Normally I would say they’re African American, but she has informed me several times that she is not African and therefore NOT an African American.  Anyhow, that is a rabbit trail.)  What if the roles were reversed? How would I feel?

Honored.  That is the answer.  The first ever President who shares my race is in office.  We have been fighting for equality for years.  This is a huge victory for us. 

Thinking about such things never fails to move me.
There is a line or two from a Kevin Prosch song that strike my heart to be true:

There’s a cry I have had, that I could love my brother
Not to look at their race, their religion, or their color
You love those Presbyterians, God, You love the gays and the lesbians
You love the buddhist and the prostitute, You’re not like us
‘Cause we always change, You see through our sin, and You love us anyway.


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