Day 13: Whatever tickles your fancy – Running vs Going

For two years I have been praying for God to guide me; specifically for Him to guide me away from this place.  It’s no secret that I do not enjoy living in Amarillo.  Sure, I love my family and friends and I adore my church…but Amarillo? Not so much.

Last night at our women’s group (aka gathering for friends!), we talked about it a little.  I told them how I have set a “Move-or-Die” date for myself: October 22, 2012.  Of course, that’s sort of a weird name for a decision date, so they wanted to know what I mean.  I explained that basically I have to move by then or suck it up and be content with living in Amarillo.  My friend, Rebekah, told me that it seems like I’m running rather than going.  She told me to stop striving, and to be content with my life where I am.  She shared something God spoke to her regarding her own life; “I’m not going to move you until you’re content with where you are.”  God holding out until you’re content? Really?  I have to admit that hearing it hurt; my mind couldn’t make any sense of it, but my heart did.

Today, as I drove by 3607 SE 29th Ave, I heard God whisper again to me of my dream of buying a house.  This particular house has been for sale for several months.  Nearly every day my attention is drawn to it, and I love it and pray over it.  Today I decided to look online to see how much it is.  The answer is $70,400 – it is a three bedroom, two baths home; a little over 1400 square feet. Dark hardwood floors in the living area.  It was built in 1937!!!! My heart beat fast.  “Do you want more information?”  YES! Yes, I do!  I clicked the link, input my information and typed “How long has this home been on the market?  Do you have more pictures, or a floor plan showing the sleeping areas?”  I clicked submit.  I exhale.  It’s done.

I chat with a friend about it.  Show it to her. Isn’t it gorgeous?!  Other than the ugly yellow paint, I mean. 🙂 That’s okay, I can paint. She tells me that the best thing to do is to contact a mortgage lender and get prequalified.  I sigh and say yes; I may have more questions for you.  As I scroll back up the page, I see a link – “Get prequalified.”  WHAT?  Okay.   Should I?   It’s not legally binding, right?  I do it.  I fill out the short form and click submit.  And now I’m waiting.  Waiting to see what the future holds.

Should I stay or should I go now?  I guess we’ll see.  Guide me, Lord.  I love You and even though I’m pushy sometimes, I truly want to only do Your will.

If you’re reading this, pray for me. I appreciate it.


7 thoughts on “Day 13: Whatever tickles your fancy – Running vs Going

  1. sara says:

    Also, to update – I haven’t heard anything from the company selling the house on 29th Avenue. Not a peep. Closed door? I think so.

  2. Mindy Howard says:

    I ABSOLUTELY love this posting Sarah–I too have a ‘move or die’ date–well, a season and year anyway. After a short stint in ALBU, NM I realized there is truly life outside of the Texas Panhandle.

    Your online friend gave you sound and very unbiased advice–thank you! It is so refreshing to get an educated perspective– a very well-rounded one at that!

    I find it strange that you and I are so similar–we go to the same church and are very much alike, but have yet to meet in person. I thank God for our online friendship Sarah–thank you for being you!

    Hope we actually get to meet in person soon–maybe this summer?


    • sara says:

      I’m looking forward to our meeting, Mindy! Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog. It’s really nice to get feedback about things that are going on with me. 🙂

  3. WD says:

    Typo! Change “…with confirming it first” should read “…without confirming it first.” Very poor typo. =)

  4. WD says:

    While Godliness with contentment is great gain, I think your friend might be making an assumption about you without confirming it first. Your desire to leave may or may not be due to discontent. Furthermore, the discontent’s target is important too. You can be content with where God has you, but still strive for a change. Contentedness does not preclude striving for change. Nehemiah strove to get back to Israel to rebuild the walls. Was he content being the king’s cup bearer? Well, in a sense, I’m sure. However, he still had a sad countenance, so much so that the king noticed. That was the catalyst to move him to Israel to start his next project.

    Don’t be afraid to move. Don’t think desiring something you don’t have is sin. Motivation is everything. God knows the desires of one’s heart, and since he dwells in yours there could be a good reason for that desire. The heart is also a wicked thing, so care should be made…

    And yes, I always over complicate things.

    • sara says:

      Wezley, you are truly gifted at seeing (and presenting) both sides of a situation. I appreciate that in you. You are a wise man. You often give me things to think about.

      I still have the date, and I’m still looking at areas to live in. I’m just making sure that I do examine the possibilities. Obviously I want to make sure that I don’t run away even though I do want to leave. Makes sense, right?

      As for this: “God knows the desires of one’s heart, and since he dwells in yours there could be a good reason for that desire.” Thank you.

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