heartache, pain, and the healing of the Father

Stormy Sky

Image by bterrycompton via Flickr

I have suffered a lot of heartache in my life.  It has caused a deficit of hope in my heart.

I want to believe, I want to hope, I want to love.  It is just so hard.  Most of the time, I’m sure that is why I’m single. That the Father is wanting to heal a wound in me that I don’t even know about.  It seems to be His method with me sometimes because I am so stubborn.  I think if He made known to me what He was doing, I would fight Him.  I don’t know why, because I truly know that He will work all things together for my good. I firmly believe that with all of my heart.  I’m just the fighting type when it comes to that, I suppose.

I have ever only known one man in my entire life that knows how I feel, understands it, and experiences it himself. And he is so very wonderful.

Heartbreak isn’t a temporary thing; it lasts for a lifetime unless the Father takes it and makes you whole.

Abba, that is my prayer. Take my wounds and heal them. Make me whole again.  Make me fit to be his lover. Wherever he may be and whoever he is.  Teach me as You mold me, Lord.  Blessed is Your name.  There is none like You. Amen.


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