Take my life, God and make it wholly Yours.  Invade me and make Your habitation here within me.  My voice is Yours; may it sing Your songs, bring You glory, edify those around me and bring Hope to those who don’t yet know You. My words could never be enough, O’ God; may my actions reflect what I say I believe.  Blessed are You, my Father.

Let me remember that You never forget me.  That through everything, You are truly there carrying me, my King.  When I am lost, You have not lost me.

I want to be like You, Jesus.  Not like the people who say they know You.  ‘Christians’ are so far from where they should be. I want to be like my Jesus! I know I’ll never achieve being like You, but I want to!  Don’t let my heart grow weary.

I struggle with understanding how You can love someone like me.  I know that You do, but I cannot understand why.  I’m so broken.

There is none like You!  Blessed be Your name.  You give and take away. I choose to believe that You are continually working things together for my good.  Thank You, thank You, thank You!


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