I searched for a while to find something that expresses how I feel.  I didn’t really find anything. All the verses, poems and songs I found sounded rather cliche.

I adored you, Momma Cat.  You taught me so much about Jesus, about spiritual warfare, about being a woman, and about love.  I’m so grateful to our God for every moment I had with you. 

Lately I’ve been thinking about middle of the night trips to Wal-Mart to buy comforters and things.  Remembering 09/11/01 when we were together and how much you reassured me that things would be okay.  We cried together that day, and I remember thinking that I would never forget it. 

Time kept going by, too fast, but I always think of you.  Some of the things make me laugh. Like the time Joey scared you, Johnnie, Jamie and I at Fuller’s Park so bad.  I still don’t know how he made it all the way out there and home before we did.  Or the time when Piggo got into Diddy’s bag and ate cigarettes and toothpaste.

Then the tears come; knowing I can’t see you again, that I can’t laugh and talk with you.  I have cried so much that I keep thinking it’s not possible to go on again yet the tears always return.  It broke my heart to lose you and a part of it went with you when you left.

I will cherish the memories with you forever, Catherine.  I loved you so much and I miss you more than words can say.



In Loving Memory
Catherine O’Linda Hawthorn
February 26, 1954 — August 10, 2011



With love,



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