Palo Duro Schoolhouse & Cemetery

Yesterday, Dustin was telling me about a schoolhouse in Sunray, Texas where his maternal grandmother went to school when she was growing up.  It’s about five miles from their family farm.

I went out there to see it, plus took a look around at the Palo Duro Cemetery that is right across the road.

In order to get to the school and cemetery, you take Farm-to-Market Road 119 North to Sunray.  Right before entering the main part of town, you will turn right (east) onto Farm-to-Market Road 281. Take this road for approximately 7 miles and turn right (south) onto Road 28 (aka Terrell Rd.).  Take Road 28 for 5 miles to the intersection of East Road I.  The cemetery and schoolhouse sit on opposite sides of the intersection, with the cemetery on the north side of Road I and the schoolhouse on the south side of Road I.  Both are on the west side of Road 28.

Here is an aerial depiction of the intersection obtained from google maps.

Upon arriving, it was to my dismay that both locations had fences up around them.  While the cemetery had a gate for entrance, it was wrapped up tight with chain and padlock.  You could tell that some immature people had been out there having the most amount of fun that they could because there were beer cans and trash everywhere.  Granted that this is West Texas where the wind blows things for miles without any hope of stopping, but I confirmed that this is a popular spot for teenagers to go with people who grew up in Sunray.

At any rate, I did snap a few shots of both the cemetery and what remains of the schoolhouse. [Note: while preparing to upload the photos, I realized that I didn’t take any shots of the cemetery with my cell phone.  Due to the fact that we just moved recently, I have not been able to locate the cord used for downloading pictures from my camera to my computer.  Pictures of the cemetery will be added at a later date.)  On with the photos of the schoolhouse.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post! 🙂





3 thoughts on “Palo Duro Schoolhouse & Cemetery

  1. Lou says:

    I made a group on facebook called Texas panhandle ghost stories and urban legends. I shared your link. i hope you don’t mind. several people are wondering, IF anyone can tell us what happened to this place and why its in the shape it is now?? the school house that is….

    • sara says:

      That is awesome. Thank you for sharing my blog.

      I will dig around for more info about the school house and let you know. My husband’s grandmother went to school there, so I will see if she knows.

      I’m going to look up your Facebook page! 🙂

      Thanks again,

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