The Light


The light this morning.


2 thoughts on “The Light

  1. Brandy Groce says:

    Hello Sara, my name is Brandy and I was hoping you could possibly help me. Im sorry to comment on here but had no other way of contacting you. All numbers listed for you were disconnected. I am trying to find a man named James Alton Groce. He is my father. All public records for him are old as well. On many sites the name Sara Groce came up as a relative, and when i look up that name Sara Williams comes up, and same past addresses. I realize this may not be you, but i had to try. My dad would be 49 this year, has an army tattoo on his arm, and possible a yellow rose on his chest saying Loretta, i dont no if he removed that or not since that is the name of an ex wife. I no this is weird but im trying to follow any lead. if you have any info for me PLZ let me no, and even if you are clueless as to who im talking about plz let me no so i can move on. I deeply appreciate it and look forward to hearing from you. you can email me or easier call me. 469-400-3357 call any time day or night. Thank you so much

    • sara says:

      Hi Brandy! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I wish I could give you good news and say that I know the person you are looking for. However, I have never heard of or met him. I have been in your position before while attempting to find my half-brother. I certainly wish you all the luck in the world while looking for your father. From my brief search, it does appear that a man by that name lives in a town near me; Amarillo, Texas. I wish you well and may God bless your search. — Sara

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