Smash* Journal/Book/Folio

Okay, so I started making my own “smash” book.  I designed and assembled the cover I was going to use and even started doodling on it.

Then!  Dustin and I went to Michael’s after we went to church yesterday and they had the official Smash* Books on sale for $9.99!  After clearing it with Dustin I bought the Retro Style Blue Smash* Book.  It looked like this:

– From the official website. Photo Copyright belongs to them.


In addition, I bought their “Blank” Smash* Pad and “Like This” Smash* Tape.


Of course, I started messing around on the cover as soon as I got home and I even added a couple of things inside.  My cover now looks like this!

I really think this is going to end up being a lot of fun for me.  With scrapbooking, you I find myself being so careful to make sure that everything is in the proper spot, the proper size, etc.  With these, the idea is that you just put smash it in!  It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be YOU!


If any of you are using a smash* book, please leave a comment below to let me know how much fun it is for you.


Happy Smashing!




2 thoughts on “Smash* Journal/Book/Folio

  1. kineticheart says:

    I like this a LOT. I have apparently done this in the past, although I didn’t know it had a title. Matt and I did it with a cool large scrapbook that someone gave to us. It is about half-full. We kinda forgot about it. But it is still fun to look through now!

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