Yes, I will take a nod to Harry Potter. Thank you.

Recently my husband, Dustin and I bought a house.  We are really excited about it.  However, there are things here and there that we would like to change to make the house more “us.”  One of the things we wanted to do is update the fireplace.

When we first moved into the home, it looked like this:


photo by Coldiron Real Estate, Amarillo, Texas

This brick didn’t match the outside brick and to be honest, it felt out-of-place.  When I was looking online at Pinterest for home projects, I ran across this photo:

Emily Gilbert on

I started talking to Dustin about the idea of painting the brick. At first, he didn’t seem too keen on it.  Then, however, I pulled up this photo and showed it to him.   He liked it.  Then I found a website that sells wall stickers. They had a design I liked, but that I knew could be easily edited.  For a few weeks, we argued over paint color but we finally settled on one that made both of us happy.  The colors we settled on were Ultra Pure White and Aqua Waters by Behr.

First, we had to prime it with a special masonry primer.  I believe we used Behr brand from The Home Depot for this also.  The primer keeps the masonry work from soaking up your paint and making you use a ton of it.  It wasn’t hard to prime and we had quite a bit of fun along the way.

The priming begins:


Once the brick is mostly done, we think we may leave it the white primer without any color or primer on the grout.


The decision for white was short-lived, and we still considered not painting the grout, but…


The randomness of it was more than either of us could bear.  So, all of the grout was also painted.


After a few days of free-hand painting by my husband, the fireplace was finished.  Complete with an owl, a total nod to Harry Potter, on the right hand side.

What do you think of our fireplace?

Painted Fireplace with Branch Silhouette by Dustin Parsons

Painted Fireplace with Branch Silhouette by Dustin Parsons

The cabinets on the left will be completed in the next couple of days and then it’s on to our next project: custom concrete countertops! Pretty excited!

Thanks for following along with our fun project.  Welcome to our home!



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