love, Love, LOVE

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I found this note I posted in 2011 on Facebook. It is a good reminder that I need.

I added the last one because this was written before I met my love, Dustin.

I love:

  1. God, His Son, and His Holy Spirit.
  2. family and friends.
  3. I love that my Mom chose to have all six of her kids; that she never let satan convince her not to.
  4. good, soulful music.
  5. the sound of laughter, no matter whose it is.
  6. I love that Jessie is sarcastic, and very helpful to his family.
  7. I love that Chris looks like our Daddy and that he works with his hands.
  8. I love that April is so determined to be the best Mom to her children, and the best wife to her husband.
  9. I love that Robert is silly, fun-loving and his willingness to listen.
  10. I love that Darlinda is discerning, faithful, and works hard to give to those around her.
  11. a downpour of rain with thunder and lightning.
  12. dancing in the rain barefooted.
  13. kisses and hugs from my foster kids.
  14. puddle jumping.
  15. I love that Sandy loves me with a mother’s heart and that she never lets go of me, even if she does let me wander a bit sometimes.
  16. the smell of wet asphalt.
  17. calling my friends just to hear them smile.
  18. I love that my Grandma can be as sweet as pie but as tough as nails.
  19. my God-children, and hearing them call me Aunt Bara.
  20. The Voice.
  21. I love Amber’s creativity and how it just flows from inside of her.
  22. the words God gives His children; especially the ones that challenge me to be a better person.
  23. worshiping.
  24. lyrics. I’m a complete lyrical junkie.
  25. I love that Krista speaks so much in faith for others, and that she encourages me even when I don’t know that I need it.
  26. I love the way a painting or photo can evoke so many feelings and not be exactly the same for any two people.
  27. I love that Rebekah leads, and walks beside. I love that she is free and encourages others to live that way also.
  28. good coffee.
  29. I love that Kristina challenges me artistically; that even though she is young, she is determined.
  30. learning something new, and especially conquering something that comes very difficult to me.
  31. sunsets and sunrises.
  32. beaches and mountains.
  33. I love that Alexis sees eye to eye with me, but she’s not afraid to challenge me in her gentle way if she thinks I’m wrong.
  34. cacti.
  35. organizations against human trafficking.
  36. people who stand against the sex slave industry.
  37. I especially love to hear a survivor of abortion fight against abortion.
  38. I love the way God teaches me through every one of my friends.
  39. how the words to a song can completely capture the way I feel.
  40. I love the feel of my freshly shaven legs.
  41. I love Liz’s wisdom and that she openly shares her life with me.
  42. the touch of a man’s hand on the small of my back while we’re walking.
  43. how it feels after I’ve been completely honest with someone; regardless of if what I tell them is good or bad.
  44. random text messages that let me know someone remembered me today.
  45. I love that Edna loves children with her whole being and that she would do anything for them.
  46. hearing that I have made a difference in the life of someone.
  47. finding new meaning in Scripture that I’ve read many times before.
  48. I love that Jane is dedicated to her family, and that she will share her past with you to show you how blessed her present is.
  49. finding common ground between different denominations, and celebrating them.
  50. Futurama.
  51. I love that Austin loves with Christ’s love, and he is truly kind to others.
  52. kettle cooked sea salt and cracked pepper potato chips.
  53. salad.
  54. I love coconut creme pie.
  55. I love that my cousin, Beth, puts up with me and that she listens when I need to talk.
  56. spinach.
  57. brussel sprouts.
  58. cabbage.
  59. I love that my Aunt Monkey loves deeply, and that she expects little in return.
  60. listening to people speak on subjects they are passionate about.
  61. the Truth of God.
  62. the feeling I get when I buy a new shirt in that one color that looks better on me than any other.
  63. mystic topaz jewelry.
  64. I love the smell of Gain laundry soap.
  65. I love that Pastor Daryl speaks the Truth first and worries about offenses later. I love that he loves his congregation; that pastor is more than a job to him.
  66. I love that Pastor Lyndal is a man that is not afraid to cry and even more that he is not afraid to cry in front of our congregation.
  67. I love that Dustin believes in me, loves me, and just makes life easier for me.

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