Exterior Christmas Decor Craft

I really want to do candy outside this year, and so I’ve started making my decorations.

First up are yard lollipops.  I did them myself and they were very simple.

You need:

Paper lanterns (whatever size, color, and amount that you want)

A wooden dowel for each lollipop you want to make

Iridescent cellophane (it took me two and a half rolls to make the six in the photo below)

Assorted curling ribbon

Glue gun w/glue sticks


Assemble the paper lanterns according to the directions on the package.  Then using hot glue, attach the paper lanterns to a wooden dowel.  I did that at both the top and the bottom of the metal frame of the paper lantern.  Next, wrap each lollipop in iridescent cellophane and tie off with curling ribbon.




I will try to post another photo once I get the lollipops and other yard decorations up along with the lights. 🙂

Very excited to have one of my projects done.




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