Holiday Season 2013

Amid the busy schedule that is my life right now, I’ve been gearing up for the holidays.  I’m done with the interior of our home and now just need to get the decorations for the exterior done.  Right now, though, I’ll just watch the snow gently falling and upload some photos of my interior decorations to my blog.

We have two trees this year; a first for both of us.  One is a 9 ft tree decked out in “sweet treats” and the other is a 6 ft tree that holds all of the Santa ornaments that Dustin’s Mom has collected for him over the years.  In addition, it holds some of my favorite traditional ornaments.

This post is very photo heavy. Sorry for the slow load times.

First a few pictures of our backyard and the lovely white blanket we woke up to.


The Sara Parsons Project Headquarters



Mantle Decorations:

Fotor1124115253 Fotor1124114949 Fotor1124114645 Fotor1124114419 Fotor1124114149


Sweet Treats tree in the living room:

Fotor1124115838 Fotor1124123053 Fotor1124122853 Fotor1124122612 Fotor1124122315 Fotor1124121932 Fotor1124121756 Fotor1124121525 Fotor1124121259 Fotor1124121123 Fotor1124120539


Santa Tree in the front window of the dining area:


Beaded ornament made by my previous foster son, N.

Fotor1124123238 Fotor1124134238 Fotor1124133754 Fotor1124133552 Fotor1124133426 Fotor1124133132 Fotor1124132718 Fotor1124132050 Fotor1124131724  Fotor1124124138 Fotor1124123922 Fotor1124123621



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