Say Something

I should be doing my homework.  In fact, I was doing my homework before I decided to put on some music.  That’s when Say Something came on.

It is a lovely song.  Truly.  If you haven’t yet heard it, you should listen to one of the many versions on YouTube.

So, as I was listening, I started thinking…what is it about this song that is so beautifully, mournfully moving?  And it came to me…

The most devastating thing in our lives is when someone, anyone, we love gives up on us.  It can be a romantic relationship, a friendship, a work relationship, or any relationship between.  It can even be a relationship with the Father.

Not only are we devastated when someone gives up on us, we are devastated when we must give up on them.

And so, I will try not to give up on you.  Will you please try not to give up on me either?

Much love.




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