reflection [of me]

I want nothing more than to spend my LIFE in His presence. To see the world know Him.  To love others with such a love that it reminds them of Him and what He has done for all of us. I want relationships – real relationships- with those around me. I want to serve those that I’m in relationship with, so that their lives are made better.  To make His name famous; high and lifted up above all else.  I want to worship Him with every fiber of my being, every drop of blood, every muscle, every thought – I want my life to be a true reflection of HE WHO LIVES WITHIN ME!

I am a strange, loving, dorky, worship junkie.

Ah – my story? Here we go…

I was born on July 17, 1978 to Linda and Jackie Williams.  I just checked and that was a Monday. Does that explain my love of Monday? hmm.  Anyhow, at the time of my birth I had two older brothers; Jessie and Chris.  As you can imagine, I grew up as a tomboy.  I played with Tonka trucks and Matchbox cars.  I even got my eyebrow split open once in a strange game of baseball.  My father passed away in 1981, when I was three years old.  Shortly after my fifth birthday, April came along. I remember how adorable she was (she still is).  She used to sit on these two concrete chicken statues that my Grandma had and ride them like they were horses.  Two years after that, Robert burst onto the scene. When he was a baby, I remember sitting beside his crib and just staring at him.  For years I thought he would grow up and be “the Fonz.”  I can’t help but laugh now when I think about it.  Darlinda was the last to arrive.  I remember the day she came home from the hospital (I was nine then) and how I actually got to hold her.  Some months later, I was holding her above my face (you know how people do) and she vomited in my mouth. Good times.

Twenty eight years later, and here I am.  Seems like something is wrong with that calculation. I don’t remember growing up so fast. There are days when I just sit and think about that. How I miss being a child and my innocence.  Mostly I miss the laughter we [my family] shared.  Don’t get me wrong; we had some hard years.  We’ve been through some bad stuff…but we laughed. And somehow, I remember that making the pain more bearable.  As though laughter equaled love somehow. Perhaps that is why God used laughter to save me.  In 2004, I received God, Christ and the Holy Spirit…and I laughed and laughed and laughed.

Well, we’re all grown up now. Jessie turns 41 this year. Chris will be 39. I’ll be…37.  April hits 32. Robert will be 30!  And Darlinda, our baby, well – she’ll be 28.

My how time flies…

On January 2, 2012 I married the most wonderful man I have ever met.  He is everything I’ve hoped for, prayed for, and everything I need.  Our God is so very faithful. ❤ I love you, Dustin.

On July 16, 2015 we adopted a teenager! Our daughter, Katelynn. Isn’t she beautiful!?



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